Mix and match pencil skirt

different fabrics

I will always have a reason to stash small pieces of leftover fabrics and I believe my excuses are truly valid.  I use leftovers for linings, for contrast trims, for covering buttons, for bows or any other detail I can think of.  Possibly not everyone in our family shares this love, but I love going trough my bits and pieces.  My new pencil skirt is about mixing and matching fabrics within the same colour range.  I used this black and white cotton flower print, mixed with some leftover uni cotton for the waistband and lace to make this design.  At the waistband I sewed on two strokes of a vintage lace ribbon which I found at the fleamarket of ‘Porte de Clignancourt’ years ago.  You see, eventually everything will get its purpose!



sewing machine


Easy pattern DIY: For this skirt I made a slant cutting into a basic skirt pattern .  That’s it!


And one for my instagram followers 😉

mix and match skirt fitting




3 thoughts on “Mix and match pencil skirt

  1. I LOVE every detail of this skirt!!!!!! I would love to know what books or other materials you use to help improve your skill? What types of patterns do you buy……that make it simple for a self taught sewer to improve on their sewing skills? Most importantly do you have any online fabric stores that you favor? Please help the less experienced self taught sewers out here…lol…….Please and thank you.


    • Thank you so much! I must admit I have a degree in fashion design and I learned a lot of pattern making and draping in this period. I can tell you this though, once you have a basic pattern that fits your body you can rework and adjust it and make so many variations starting with that same base. The fabrics, I almost never buy online. I always go to the local fabric shops because I want to feel the fabric, I want to know if I can handle it and if fits my design. I can tell you this though, sometimes I fail, sometimes it just didn’t work and I probably could fill a new blog with failed projects. They do help me to make the next project work. One tip: professor pincushion has really great tips about finishings and other basics (on YouTube) and another tip, loose shapes are the easiest ;-)) I hope I was of any help and please don’t stop sharing your projects!!!


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